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It’s probably safe to say that politics are a little divisive in our United States. The 24 hour news cycle has drastically altered the way we receive and interpret information, and suddenly we’re in a world where Twitter is leading the news. And while some might claim that the truth is relative, it’s not hard to realize that people are divided. So what’s the secret to getting back in sync; to falling back in step and finding a common ground with each other? Seth Denson might just have the answer. Welcome to Somewhere In The Middle.

Meet Seth Denson

Seth Denson

Seth Denson is an Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and a regular media Contributor to media outlets across the country including Fox News. He has built numerous successful businesses throughout his career, but has also experienced failure as well.

It is through these experiences that he has developed his own thought process, opinions, and perspectives on politics, people, and life. Seth is a father, husband, business owner, and avid Nascar fan.

I firmly believe that most Americans still want to be informed and have a real discussion, not a debate. While I may have a firm stance on some issues, with many I find myself somewhere in the middle, wanting to gain more information and perspectives. That’s what this show is all about – having a real conversation, a real discussion, a real impact.

Seth Denson

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